Service Desk

Service Desk and Support Services are part of the core competencies of Beck et al. Services.

We have provided these services since the founding of the company and develop them continuously. These include experience in Multiprovider- and multilingual environments (up to 10 languages available), which we adapt specifically to the requirements of the customer or the respective project. Our constant goal is the best possible support of customers and users.

The development of technologies and the industrialization of processes have had a strong impact on the requirements of a modern service desk. Technology has also become more complex and accessible (consumerization). The digital transformation changed behavior and expectations of users and availability of information. This requires being able to provide new approaches for effective service.

Information and solutions must be permanently available, simple, and ultimately activities that are more complex can either be adopted by the users or be fully automated. Users still need guidance to help them either with strong technological expertise or with overview of relationships in infrastructures, applications and processes.

Today "Social Support" is better able to channel demands of different types and to respond in the correct quality and depth. These include skilled employees, as well as Collaboration and Self-Service platforms, Monitoring tools, methods and expert pools, which are readily available or compilable and can be requested both personally and virtually.