Managed Services

We are strong in designing and building of IT architectures and IT services.

We like to operate these services for you, so you do not have to worry about the individual tasks or components. based on the expected service and SLA (availability, performance, quickness in the reaction), we design the environments and processes so that we take care of the underlying infrastructure and its processes - from Monitoring to Patching, Changes, Backup and Troubleshooting. We have mastered this both in conventional as well as in cloud and hybrid environments.

Not only do we take care that the technology is right, but also that the associated communication is ensured and our processes are clearly agreed with you as well as delineated and integrated.

Continuous improvement is not just a slogan for us - it is part of the permanent monitoring of our processes, so that the performance continuously is optimized. It is also the opportunity for concrete proposals for changes in setup and technology (e.g. for modification of a platform, or for the transition to the cloud) when they can fulfill the customer requirements even better.