We combine 25 years of experience in the provision of IT services with solid methods and consulting competence.

Our consultants and teams not only master the major techniques and regulations (including ITIL, ISO / IEC 20000, ISO / IEC 27001, project management according to GMP / IPMA), but have learned listening into our customers to understand their needs and to offer the appropriate solutions.

Thus we are able to advise on the overall service lifecycle and to consider the particular challenges not just from the pure IT perspective, but also from the perspective of the respective business requirements and thus to draft and design both IT processes and IT architecture.

Our proposals are not only based on concepts, but also on the experiences, we collect every day in practice. Thus, we support our customers with a holistic Business Service Management and are also active in Coaching and Enabling addition to the purely conceptual field.

Our consultants are strong in the following areas:

  • IT Organization
  • IT Strategy
  • IT Governance & Compliance
  • IT Architecture
  • IT Service Design
  • IT Service Management
  • Change Management
  • Sourcing and Provider Management
  • Selection and Implementation of Collaboration Platforms