Social Learning

Social learning is the logical development of the collaborative spirit, because it is based on the principles of the common exchange of ideas, the critical debate of information in a team as well as the co-sharing of interesting facts to the members of the network. As such, it is only logical organizing the learning processes of enterprises community-based on the appropriate platforms. Or rather, to ensure that learning processes are possible in both the communities, as well that specific learning communities and Communities of Practice can arise in the company.

 Beck et al. Services has a lot of experience, both our own as well as customer-related, with integrating social learning into the work processes. In this respect, our use cases, such as the Social Help Desk or the community-based occupational health and safety, are also inspired by it. Crucial for our consulting services of the Change Process is the knowledge that an appropriate collaboration platform indeed must exist in order to design social learning practices in a useful way.

But, it is far more important thinking the work processes of according to the groups and teams and to have those affected participate in the change. Only via the parallel empowerment of employees are they motivated for Social Learning and encouraged to independent create and transfer knowledge.