Social: Business & Processes

One of the main advantages of Social Business is its ability to overcome departmental silos. This creates a company-wide or cross company flow of information, which taken in itself offers enormous efficiency advantages. Beck et al. Services analyzes for its customers, the impact of social business on management and core processes. Together with you, we design Social Business processes that extend beyond silo boundaries. We coach the management and can establish a Center of Excellence for you, which can autonomously pursue the topic without an advisor.

And since social does not stop at company boundaries, we help you to view Social Media and Social Business comprehensively.

Social Project Management

Social tools combine previously separate silos: Whether Marketing and Sales, Production and Development or Accounting with HR. Beck et al. Services helps its customers to design processes and workflows in such a way that they actually work beyond the silo boundaries without becoming ineffective.

Social Customer Service

If Social Business is to be designed successfully, the manager should separate from some habits that promote traditional hierarchically organized companies. The coaches of Beck et al. Services train middle and top management, how to move in a Social environment.

Social Support

Social Support is a way to reduce costs on the one hand and on the other hand, to provide employees and / or co-workers with the desired information quickly and in some cases even better. For example, if several people have the same questions or face tricky problems that even pose challenges for the support staff to solve them.

Social Learning

Social learning is the logical further development of the collaborative spirit. As such, it is only logical organizing the learning processes community-based via the appropriate platforms. Beck et al. Services has a lot of experience with integrating Social Learning into the work processes and to accompany the change. Employees are also encouraged for independent knowledge building and transfer through the simultaneous empowerment of them. [More]