The Digital Stack

Mobile Enterprise Integration

For a company to also make use of the digitization of its business processes on the dynamics of cloud and ubiquitous mobile technologies / usage, according to our experience another building block is needed- The Digital Stack.

Especially designed for the Progressive Enterprise IT Context (Security, Compliance, Governance, Enterprise Integration, High Availability, Agile ...) the Digital Stack is a Backend-as-a-Service Platform (BaaS).

Built on modern development methods (Model-Driven Software Development on Java, REST APIs and SDKs for Cross-Platform, native, hybrid and Web) the platform provides a framework for fast, flexible and needs-based app development in the enterprise context (high integration needs, globally distributed teams, external agencies for front end / app development).

In addition to the possibility for flexible integration of existing systems (Systems of Records, Workflow, Collaboration, ...) via connectors, and the possibility of development of individual connectors and integration logic, the particular strengths of the platform are flexible integration with Entitlement systems and control and control of access rights, integrated analytics capability and prefabricated backend app and modules - in particular to mobilize consistently paperless business processes.