Microsoft Server from the Cloud

Operation of Windows file servers, Exchange and SharePoint environments will cost a lot of money and binds Top IT professionals that are needed elsewhere. Project teams that use Google for Work or subsidiaries using Office365 impair the on premise operating costs / user. Constant updates, error-prone upgrades and fixing complex bugs that have yet not occurred in any other enterprise customers, ravish your IT team much needed leeway.

Simplify your Microsoft environments by optimizing your server farms, complete with automated and orchestrated Microsoft servers from the cloud and automate by "Infrastructure as Code". With our Microsoft Server Cloud Services, we analyze your Active Directory, Windows, Exchange and SharePoint environments. We selectively migrate the most meaningful workloads to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) by AWS. For this purpose, we rely on proven fully automated templates that we adapt to your requirements. We integrate the migrated workloads in existing Microsoft System Center management environments. We also provide a transparent and simple performance and availability monitoring. The best: We take over the continuous optimization of workloads, fully automated take care of updates, backups and recovery and keep your hybrid Microsoft environment always efficient and up-to-date

This complete Managed Microsoft Server cloud service consists of different part-services that you can make use of individually:

  • Expansion Consulting and realization of SharePoint and Exchange environments: Identification of resource and performance requirements and recommendation to migrate workloads and the migration path and performing migrations.
  • 'Infrastructure as a Code' Automation: Analysis, description and automating your Microsoft Server workloads as Code.
  • Co-Location for own Hardware in physical proximity of Public Cloud: Migrations of Active Directory domain controllers, Windows file servers, Exchange and SharePoint servers in the cloud close to Europe's largest data center. This allows for LAN-like speeds when accessing resources from / to cloud.

Microsoft Server from the cloud can be used for example for:

  • Operation of .NET applications in safe, efficient and, globally distributed when needed Demilitarized Zones (DMZs) to take advantage of Top Internet performance, and Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Content Distribution Network (CDN) CloudFront and Route53 DNS Services.
  • Test / Demo environments or Forks of the productive environment for developing, debugging or testing of new functionality can use cheap and easily available cloud resources, instead of taking up valuable computing power and disk space to occupy on your virtual server environments.
  • Cheaper and efficient hybrid high-availability solutions (HA) for Microsoft Server environments, in order to save costs, reduce complexity and improve performance.
  • For all the situations in which you would like to have a specific function in the corporate network, but not the server, the operation and support.

We provide the following Microsoft servers from the cloud:

  • Active Directory
  • Windows Fileserver/DFS
  • SQL-Server and Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • Skype for Business/Lync [in planning]
  • Microsoft Dynamics [in planning]