Hybrid Cloud

Servers and storage have become increasingly cheaper over the last 10 years. Due to virtualization, we have 4 times as many logical servers and 3 times higher administrative costs as before. The storage requirement is growing exponentially, by files with ever-higher information density (e.g. photos, videos) and longer retention periods.


In traditional IT infrastructures "Keeping the Lights on" devours already 77% of all IT resources. Theoretically, Virtualization was supposed to solve this problem. However, the traditional manual approach to build custom installations on computers, storage and network, does not reduce the administrative effort. The design and planning, installation, configuration, testing and integration, patching and updating, maintenance and troubleshooting, upgrades and replacement of each component still yet remain.

According to a Gartner survey, however, 95% of all private cloud implementations have failed so far.

Users, who use hybrid clouds, utilize parallel various IT infrastructures - classic data centers, virtualized server environments and Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Companies can decide which applications are implemented in which environments, and where the data may be stored.

  • For example, where does CRM run more effectively - on-premises or in the public cloud? Should it run entirely in the cloud, or just the application components, where it is not worked with personally identifiable information?
  • Does it make sense to operate a database on-premises, where the various workloads from the cloud have access to? 

The certified Enterprise Cloud Architects of Beck et al. Services will help you to answer these questions based on clear criteria.

Get yourself room for maneuver by optimizing your server farms, expand with computing capacity from the cloud and automate by "Infrastructure as Code". Using our Managed Hybrid Cloud Service, we analyze and categorize the workloads within their application environments, server farms or data centers, and migrate them specifically to your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with AWS. We integrate the migrated cloud workloads in existing VMware vCenters or Microsoft System Center management environments and provide the transparent and simple performance and availability monitoring. Best: We take over the continuous optimization and adjustment of workloads, take care of updates, backups and recovery and automate your infrastructure as a code.

This complete Managed Hybrid Cloud service consists of partial services that you can make use of individually:

  • Expansion consultation and implementation for VMWare / Hyper-V farms: Identification of resource and performance requirements and recommendations for the to-be-migrated workloads and the migration path and performing of migrations.
  • Infrastructure as Code Automation: Analysis, description and automating your infrastructure and cloud workloads as a code.
  • Simplification through converged infrastructure: Rebuilding of traditional blade and server farms into "converged infrastructure" and private clouds for small, medium and large environments. 
  • Co-location for your own hardware in physical proximity of public cloud: Migrations of authentication directories, credit card or patient databases or sensitive development and simulation data into Europe's largest data center close to the cloud. Thus, LAN speeds are possible when accessing cloud applications, Hadoop, or HANA BigData cluster from the cloud to your own server.

The Managed Hybrid cloud services - whether booked individually or complete - can for example be used for:

  • Optimization of your server farm for productive workloads by migrating less critical workloads in the virtual private cloud. Customer example Q_PERIOR.
  • Consolidation of distributed servers at global corporate locations
  • Extended use of virtualized server farms
  • Avoiding costly expansions of own data centers, BladeCenter, Enterprise Storage and virtualization licenses
  • Meeting compliance rules for distance between primary and backup data center.

Get room for maneuver, by expanding your storage options by cheap storage from the cloud and relieve your expensive enterprise storage. With our Cloud Storage Service, we provide further Storage options from the AWS cloud in your data center or corporate network, if necessary. We take care of the complete technology and guarantee the availability and performance of the Cloud Storage. Best: We adapt the cloud storage if your requirements grow over time.

This complete cloud storage service consists of part of services that you can make use of individually:

  • Cloud Storage Consulting and Storage segmentation: Determination of performance, purpose and quantity requirements and recommendation and migration of the right storage segmentation (SSD, Windows File, NAS, Web Storage, long-term storage, database optimizations).
  • Storage Gateway Realization and Operation: Installation of storage gateways from leading vendors including NetApp Steel gates, Panzura, Ctera and AWS Storage Gateway with corresponding encryption and redundancy configurations. Operation of the gateway includes maintenance, updates and troubleshooting.
  • Colocation of your enterprise storage or archiving system in physical proximity to the Public Cloud: Fast access of cloud applications or Big Data clusters to data that must be stored on your own storage for compliance reasons.

The Cloud Storage Services - whether booked individually or altogether - can be used for example for:          

  • Expansion of existing servers to low-cost disc space, using SCSI LUNs from the cloud
  • Backup to Disk to Cloud to Archive
  • Optimized access to data sets from the web or from Big Data clusters (HTTP addressable storage)
  • Segmentation of large data sets on Windows DFS or NAS servers
  • Alternative to the faulty Windows DFS Replication in complex environments
  • Solution to the missing Windows Global Lock when editing replicated files
  • Policy-driven movement of data on low-cost long-term memory and policy-driven deletion of data at the end of the storage obligation

Cloud computing is only efficient if reliable broadband network connections to the cloud are available. That is why we provide the stable and secure connection between your corporate network and the Virtual Private Cloud AWS with our Cloud Connectivity Service if required. We take care of the complete technology and guarantee availability and performance of cloud connectivity. Best: We adapt the connection if your cloud needs grow over time and ensure that security settings do not become obsolete.

This complete connectivity service consists of part of services that you can make use of individually:

  • Connectivity Consultation / Implementation: Determination of bandwidth and network performance, as well as recommendation of the proper technology (VPN, MPLS, DirectConnect). Sourcing support and sourcing management and connectivity implementation.
  • Gateway-Realization und -Operation: Construction / Installation of gateways with corresponding BGP / OSPF routing and firewall rules. Operation of the gateway includes maintenance, updates and troubleshooting.

The connectivity services - whether booked individually or altogether - can be used for example for:

  • Connectivity between data center, corporate network and VPCs
  • Traffic-Governance and Transparency
  • MPLS and Internet VPN Optimization