High Performance Workplace

In many companies, Windows Desktop, Mobile and Citrix environments have grown apart in recent years. Each environment complements the other, but business users often have difficulties with the complexity that the interaction brings with it. A VPN has to be established, a different platform supports email, but in a separate app with a different password... The result: users are overwhelmed by their IT workplace. Support and operations teams are overloaded with the user questions and requirements. Frustration spreads on both sides.

It should be just the IT workplace, the entrance door to the corporate IT, supporting business users optimally and lead to better productivity of their work, by simple use of the digital platform of the company.

The challenge for the corporate IT lies in: providing that the different application platforms and apps of the various departments and sites are available to all users and everywhere in a productivity-enhancing work environment, and operating and supporting the multitude; most of all ensuring compliance and security of the data that is being transferred via the internet and reside on different platforms – possibly in the cloud. Fewer companies can just flip the switch and start in a new working environment. The gradual change is the norm to equip mobile devices, Windows laptops and desktops and virtualized Citrix environments via Enterprise App Stores so that each user gets the right apps.

How does that work, ideally worldwide? With Workspace Delivery Centers from the Virtual Private Cloud. Thus, the company continues to maintain control over desktop management, mobile device management and cloud applications. The data flow is controlled with Application Delivery Controllers in the delivery centers, so that the central IT also knows which data is transmitted where - and can inhibit it if necessary.

Self-Service and proactive support are integrated in the Enterprise App Stores in the delivery centers. The IT department, with all its services, is in a centrally managed but globally distributed platform close to their users at any time.

We will help you in analyzing your current workspace environment and advise you how you accurately get the working environment ready for the steps for the new, digitalized economy.