BackUp & Cloud Recovery

Anyone can backup Servers and restore files to the Server. But what if the server is not working properly, a comparable server, or the required performance in the server farm is no longer there and only available in a few days? Or if a site is disconnected from the network, for example, due to a regional disaster?

 That is when recovery in the cloud gets exciting. Quickly bootable application environments and workplaces ensure that not only no data is lost in case of failure of your own computer park, but also that work can continue very quickly. If needed also with a PC from the store or a private iPad from a Regus office. A recovery environment in the cloud will cost only anything if it is in use. It is instantly ready for use because nothing is transmitted over slow WAN links. Afterwards you simply cancel the connection, it disappears, and no further costs arise.

Cloud Recovery works best when all current backups are done in the cloud. Our certified enterprise cloud architects are happy to answer how this works exactly and what to pay attention to.

Get maneuverability by replacing expensive backup equipment and complicated media outsourcing by cheap backup in the cloud.  With our Cloud Backup Service, we provide cheap and reliable backup storage of AWS in your data center or corporate network. You can continue to use your existing Enterprise Backup Software. We take care of all the technology and guarantee the performance and security of cloud backups. While your data remains in Germany. The best: We adapt the cloud backup as your needs grow over time.

This complete Cloud Backup Service consists of part services that you can make use of individually:

  • Consultation and Implementation: Determination of performance and quantity requirement based on Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), recovery-time objectives (RTOs) and configuring and tuning Enterprise Backup Software of leading manufacturers for the utilization of backup targets in the Cloud.
  • Gateway Realization and Operation: Installation of backup gateways from leading vendors including NetApp Steel gates, Ctera, Veeam and AWS Storage Gateway with corresponding encryption and redundancy configurations. Operation of the gateways includes maintenance, updates and troubleshooting.
  • Automation of the Backup Lifecycle Management: Cloud Backup is usually done on backup gateways in the data center. From there the backups are automatically replicated on durable cloud storage by AWS. Prior to transfer data is de-duplicated, compressed and encrypted with user-defined keys. This ensures that, just in case, foreign intelligence services only get to see encrypted data. Lifecycle policies control how long backup data is stored in the data center, for fast recovery. Policies also regulate when backups are moved from durable cloud storage to an even more favorable long-term archive in the cloud and when backups are deleted, for example, at the end of the retention period.

Get maneuverability by shifting the provision of expensive recovery infrastructure to the cloud. We provide proven recovery scenarios of your applications to secure Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) with our Cloud Recovery Service in all available AWS regions worldwide. Your regular cloud backups guarantee the most current data state. We take care of the adjustments of the complete scenario, guarantee recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs), and the safety and ease of use of the Cloud Recovery environment. The best: We adapt the Cloud Recovery if your application environments or your disaster recovery requirements change over time. This complete Cloud Recovery Service consists of part services that you can make use of individually:

  • Cloud Recovery Consultation and Implementation: Analysis of Cloud Recovery scenarios, determining the resource and performance requirements, design and implementation of recovery scripts.
  • Automated Application Tests: Regular automated checking the serviceability of the Cloud Recovery scenarios.

The Cloud Recovery Services - whether booked individually or as a whole - can be used for example for:

  • 2-stage CloudRecovery for all application environments of your company: while the restore takes place into the data center, quickly restore to a temporary cloud environment.
  • Forks of the production environment for testing, simulations, expert opinions or reproduction of transactions outside the production environment.
  • Recovery environments for critical communications infrastructure such as email, important documents (SharePoint, file servers), chat and video / audio conferencing for board and Communications Department, to other regions and continents, if necessary.

Long-term storage of application environments, that are subject to specific compliance regulations.

Bonus for users of Cloud Backup and Cloud Recovery Services

Traditional long-term backups preserve application environments, data and clients on tapes that are outsourced for compliance reasons. It is difficult to reproach decades-old tape technology and backup software for restoration. In addition it is costly to store compatible server hardware and virtualization software and brings other difficulties when those are needed: Does the old equipment even still work years later? How do the tapes come here from the storage area? What was the configuration at that time? Does anyone know about it anymore?

Users of our Backup and Recovery Services from the Cloud do not have to worry about securing their active application environments. They automatically benefit from the long-term storage in the cloud. Make use of this "Bonus-Service". It allows you to save complexity and money with long-term storage. Using our backup archives cloud service we analyze and categorize the long-term backups of your application environments, and specifically migrate the most sensible of them to the cloud. The best: We take over the regular adaptation of recovery scenarios, take care of the restoration tests and automate your cloud recovery scenarios as a code.

If they ever have to be brought to a executable condition, only the cost of cloud resources during the period of use arise. All costs for provision of bootable tape robots or compatible runtime environments in your own data center are omitted.