Cloud Managed Services

In terms of Managed Cloud Services users are partly still uncertain in terms of contracts and in some cases they fear security flaws or shy away because of complexity reasons to integrate on-premises applications with cloud applications. As a cloud broker Beck et al. Services eliminates these uncertainties. We refine generic cloud infrastructure services by large providers (e.g. AWS) with our own cloud solutions. This enables companies to meet very specific challenges like Backup & Recovery, to bring Microsoft-Server into the cloud or clean up legacy applications by means of the cloud.

Overview of services

Hybrid Cloud

simple, safe and customizable

The big question is: How can IT services from the cloud and on premise infrastructures and applications integrate with each other, without canceling out the benefits of cloud adoption?

We will show you how you can use cloud and on premise infrastructures effectively, safely and easily for your company. [More]

Backup& Recovery

inexpensive, durable and fast

To cope with Backup or even Disaster Recovery in your own infrastructure is expensive and ties up resources. We offer on-demand and secure solutions for this from the cloud. We set them up, manage and operate them. They are easier to use, go far beyond the classic backup and are significantly cheaper than existing on premise solutions.  [More]


automated, hybrid, personalized

Although Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lync migrate increasingly to the cloud, they do not disappear on-premises - only users are becoming less. Thus, the relative costs are rising because the high complexity of the on-premises installations is not reduced. We build bridges between your cloud and on premise installations, reduce costs through automation and simplification. [More]

Monitoring from the Cloud

Enduser oriented, proactive, fast

For the business the only that thing that matters with monitoring is the answer to the question how effective the user can perform his duties. Does he have enough bandwidth available, are the applications running on his desktop fast enough, can he quickly and securely access data? We offer this end-user centric monitoring from the cloud. Analysis tools help you also to resolve emerging flaws proactively. [More]

Cloud Legacy

Off to the Cloud

Outdated software can only be supported with a lot of effort and often with declining users. In our legacy cleanup program, we will show you how to move old applications to virtual private clouds, isolated from the rest of your network, which can further lead to significantly more adequate costs. [More]

High-Perform Workplace

The right Apps for each employee

Imagine the employees could choose the most productive applications for them from the vast array of your AppStore. Of course, these apps are then available worldwide on any registered device. We will show you how to realize something like this using Workspace Delivery Centers in the Cloud. [More]