As Social Analytics implies in its name, we analyze data from Social Media or Social Business Collaboration platforms with this service offering. For this Beck et al. Services has developed its own tool with Valuescope, called "WEB ANALYZER".

Social Media Analysis

Know what the web thinks

If it is known what the customers want, you have a huge advantage. Our Social Media Analysis makes transparent what users are saying about products, events and company on the web, in social media and forums. We offer you in accordance with our Natural Language Engine not only simple sentiment data, but also in-depth actionable analysis which are fed by data from the digital hemisphere ...

You want to

  • know what your customers say about your company and the products / services?
  • know what is being written to competitors?
  • generate Leads?

From a marketing and PR perspective social media marketing, communications, or at least the observation of social media dialogs to watch due to so-called "Shit Storm" are now necessary for every business, whether large or small and regardless of customer group (B2B / B2C).

We capture the diversity of information in a variety of Social Media channels for you.

Social Media Analysis can also provide valuable and low cost contributions for innovation projects, introduction of new products or as a complement to market research. As Social Media Manager you should not be engaged in reading thousands of statements, but to gain relevant insights from the Social Media Insights and analysis results for communication and marketing strategies, development of products and services as well as to further develop policies and measures.