IT Operational Analytics

Assuming the definition of our economy as an information economic is correct, a fully functioning Enterprise IT, which enables the employee to do their jobs, gains an enormous importance. Therefore, it has never been more important to know at all times what IT performance is available to employees and how they can be improved if necessary. Beck et al. Services provides you with the appropriate IT tools as real-time tools - on premise or as a service.

Service Desk & Support

A firm grip on every desktop

The Desktop Quality Monitor generates real-time information on performance and reliability of all the desktop items and activities. Thus, the service desk has every desktop under control at any time.

Infrastructure & Networks

Optimized for the End user

The Desktop Networking Monitor shows a map of the network activities from end users perspective. It shows how well the data exchange between different endpoints works or how much network performance an application needs. Based on this data service desk and support are able to respond quickly when things get tight.

Risk & Security

Counter Misconduct & compliance violations

The Trusted Desktop Monitor achieves a dynamic review of rules and irregularities. Thus, it is possible to determine at any time which applications are compliant in the network and also behave that way. Risk of attacks can thus be minimized and destructive misbehavior of applications can be detected at an early stage


Up to date Software at all times

The desktop monitor delivers information on contextual desktop activity. In this way, the Service Desk know at a glance whether the used software version is current, whether current patches are applied or whether updates are available