The post-industrial economy is an information economy. Data are source material or intermediate product of many (almost all) value added chains. In IT, there are three main data sources: The IT equipment itself i.e. devices, servers, networks; the company and its processes, employees and the business environment, i.e. customers, partners, suppliers, competitors, etc. The analysis of these data sources is increasingly the basis for decisions of any business activity.

Overview of Service

IT Analytics (ITOA)

Assuming the definition of our economy as data economy is correct, a fully functioning Enterprise IT, which enables the employees to do their jobs, gains an enormous importance. Therefore, it has never been more important to know at all times what IT performance is available to the employees and how they can be improved if necessary. Beck et al. Services provides you with the appropriate IT tools as real-time tools - on premise or as a service. [More]

Social Analytics

In Social Analytics, everything revolves around the analysis of data within the company and in its environment. These data reside in the social business platforms of companies, in social networks and the Web. This way data is obtained, which may be of crucial importance for marketing, sales, and product development as well as for product decisions. [More]