Social [+] Works Council

Works councils are as rare a group adapted to map a community and otherwise to take advantage of the Social Media. To discuss together with the works council in advance the necessary organizational changes and the impact on the corporate culture represents a great opportunity for a broad involvement of employees. If they are additionally given the opportunity to organize themselves in communities as representatives of interests, then they stand out as active promoters for Social Collaboration within the company. As influential key players, works councils finally provide the necessary acceptance among employees.

Social is deeply works council compatible. Show them that the platforms are also useful for their own work for example in order to communicate transparently with all employees about the further development. You will obtain active promoters for Social this way. This in turn means to also address the employees differently or to further increase their acceptance of social initiatives. Let interest groups organize themselves and communicate on all channels with all employees.

Integrate the various interest groups - in particular the works council – from the very beginning transparently into the processes. Our Social Roadbook allows you to stake out the terrain of joint cooperation. Along the way, discover with our Social Compass the many chances that lie in this challenge and get on your special way together with our Social Scouts.

We accompany you to Social [+] Doing!