Social [+] Software

It is not easy with Social Software. On the one hand, it is "only" the tool for cooperation. Often enough we hear from the authoritative that the technology does not matter. We do not share this view. We are convinced that the social software needs to fit companies like well-fitting trousers. The collaboration platform is quite a critical success factor.

There is a lot to consider in selecting the right software and technology:

  • The business goals you attach to Social Business
  • The IT strategy, in the backend, and with respect to the Digital Workplace
  • The format of the application (broad platform, pointed intended purpose)
  • The functional equipment and the usability
  • The openness in regards to connections, User Interface or Process Integration.

The supplier marketplace is more than confusing. The major suppliers are represented, as are many startups.

Of course, we do not know every Software in productive Use. However, we have a lot of experience in choosing the right platform for social collaboration. With our evaluation methods we can quickly focus the search space on a few platforms. We help you to choose the right one for you.

Social Software, that fits. Social [+] Doing!