Social [+] Media

Communication, collaboration and interaction do not stop at the corporate boundary. Your organization is integrated in a broad network of relationships, in a dynamic environment of potential employees, active customers and constant innovation. The information flow of your business environment must be part of the whole enterprise. Social offers exactly this unique combination of communication and information about the company, with the company and throughout the market of the company. This is how relevant market information can be bundled through intelligent search, analysis and streams, also supporting your departments in their daily work.

Social Analytics provides here the right information for the right area at the appropriate time.

Information, Communication and Customer feedback:

  •   arrive much quicker at the relevant functional areas
  •   find the correct contact person
  •   make the reaction, response and solution more flexible and mostly more targeted
  •   are transparent, comprehensible and available to all participants

With the networking of social media outside of the company and the possibilities inside of the company, you tap into the full potential of Social for your company and especially for your business. Beck et al. Services has extensive expertise in the intelligent analysis, linguistic-analytical search and in the possibilities of data and message stream infusion. Based on these experiences, we combine your data, communications and information world and make your business Social. But above all, we can do it for you and advance it.

We are happy to support you with Social [+] Doing!