Social [+] Learning

Social learning is nothing new, because since there have been people they learn in groups and thus from each other. Companies also work only through basic collaborative processes. In this respect, processes of social learning really just have to be identified and / or deliberately be implemented along the processes, the groups and in the areas of collaboration between teams. Social Learning takes place for example in Communities of Practice and from the outset is based on the groups in the enterprise. The resulting information will also remain with them.

Think the work- and learning processes from the outset as oriented to the groups (communities) in your company. This is how you create the conditions for the necessary skills can be developed and applied in the context of Social Learning. If you ensure that that collaborative learning develops in your company in the context of group and teamwork, the teams will be the ideal and effective environment for learning. Through Social Learning, you get the experts that you want and need.

Make learning again a component of the work, thereby enabling that your employees professionalize, exchange knowledge and develop skills. Our Social Roadbook allows you to stake out the terrain of this challenge. Discover the many possibilities inherent in this challenge with our Social Compass and get on your special way there with our Social Scouts.

We accompany you towards Social [+] Doing!