Social [+] E-Mail

Email has so far been the most robust collaboration tool in business. Emails are still indispensable for business communications. Email represents both a protocol, and a network. It is probably the largest human network of all. Mails thus constitute a major problem, which produces significant overloads in its massiveness.

Lately there is movement in the email market: Google Inbox, Microsoft Delve and IBM Verse are getting ready to change the email frontend radically. AWS WorkMail is another Big Player at the start here. Therefore, it is time to bring the topic of email out of the commodity area, and to rethink it. But, if a rethinking is called for, then it has to be done thoroughly. Moreover, in the sense of the Social Idea.

A social collaboration platform opens for example the possibility to bring the communication back to where it really belongs: To the shared resources such as documents and data. Through a reunion of work with the talking about the work, it easily makes many emails simply superfluous. Our Social Roadbook allows you to stake out the terrain of joint cooperation. Along the way, discover with our Social Compass the many chances that lie in this challenge and get on your special way together with our Social Scouts.

Social [+] Doing