Social [+] Customer

The way of communication does not matter and neither does the method. It is crucial that the customer is also part of the value creation. Innovation, ideas and feedback have to come inward from the outside and should not get stuck at the functional silos. If you keep in mind where your business has contact with customers, partners and suppliers, do you also use these contact points for yourself, do you create value from the customer feedback and complaint, or if the supplier criticizes the supply chain?

It is exactly at these points that a lot of potential is lost in the business. While we have customer-oriented companies, many of the insights, experiences and especially the contents of communications are stranded at the internal silos. The path must be that experience, knowledge and ideas find their way into the company. They must not remain trapped in Customer Service databases. They need to find their way into production and innovation and support employees in the value creation. Social offers the possibility to make these barriers to the required data and information permeable from the outside inwards.

  • Integrate your customers in innovation
  • Use feedback beyond customer service
  • Integrate suppliers and partners in the value creation chain
  • Offer your customers and fast and uncomplicated form of communication and collaboration
  • Show simple solutions for problems and critique

Do not see the customer as the destroyer of your ideas, but as the further Developer and source of ideas for your products and services. Above all, you must provide all the space to the customer to implement this participation.

We will get you on the way to Social [+] Doing!