Social Compass

Social has many facets. For the implementation in the company, it is not so easy to locate. It does not belong in a function but requires an interdisciplinary approach. Yet it is only one project among many others, businesses have to deal with today. We offer you our support, so that you do not consume unnecessary time and resources.

From the multitude of experiences in project work of the last years, we have developed a methodology that we call Social Compass - Orientation for High Performance Collaboration. A compass is a tool that helps to keep the orientation. In our Social Compass, there are six points of the compass, which open the space for action for successful implementation of a Social Business project:

Readiness: Define the correct starting point. At the beginning of the journey. And while you are on your way. With the Beck et al. Services Social Readiness Check Workshop, we locate your business in terms of the maturity level and the effectiveness of Social Collaboration.

Business Value: It is extremely important to align with business goals, in order to convey consistently the "Why?" of Collaboration. In our Strategy Alignment Workshop, we bring together Social and Business and develop effective use cases.

Workplace Design: With our Social Software Evaluation, we find the right technology for your business. We think ahead: Collaboration is an essential part of the Digital Workplace. Our broad IT experience makes us a competent interlocutor also the company's IT.

Realisation: People love change when it leads to an increase of alternative courses of action. People react negatively if they are being changed. The correct implementation of Social is therefore of particular importance. We have experience and assist in Communication, Enablement and Change. And of course, quite classical in the implementation.

Evolution: We develop with you the right metrics for you with our Social KPI methodology. We develop Social Support for your company. We help you achieve more effect continuously. We ensure High Performance Collaboration.

Value Patterns: You have already introduced Social and want to draw more benefit from it? We will help you match the individual paths.

Do not worry. We have broken down the topics into manageable workshops that lead to practical recommendations for action. Taking small steps is good.

The Social Compass