We are Beck et al. Services

Beck et al. Services is an independent, entrepreneur-owned consulting company for IT projects and services. With our locations in Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Brazil and Singapore, we work internationally. Since 1999, we act as a reliable partner for our customers. Today, around 80 people are working for our customers worldwide. If there is one thing, we have learned in recent decades, then this: Only those who change remain. And such is the story of Beck et al. Services also a story of permanent change. What characterizes us and makes us unrivaled is our experience, which can be condensed into seven principles of our work:

  • IT is made by people for people, so they can work better. 
  • Thinking from the customer forth is the supreme principle of our work.
  • Collaboration improves the result.
  • Delivering services means: serving the customer's interest.
  • Curiosity and enthusiasm are the most important prerequisites for success.
  • Consider nothing as unchangeable.
  • Assume responsibility for what is happening.