The new role of the CIO in times of the digital Transformation

By Joachim Poisel Feb 4, 2016
The new role of the CIO in times of the digital Transformation

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"Since the post was written five years ago, the CIO role has undergone dramatic change." (Chris Curran)

The Nexthink dashboard is not quite as sexy as the one shown below. However, the CIO can still step on the gas, because he is presented with the right KPIs. At least in the opinion of Joachim Poisel.

Picture: Beck et al. Services - Nexthink Dashboard.

The digital transformation dramatically changes IT and therefore also the role of CIOs. What we have all anticipated and felt is now actually confirmed by a list of the 10 most important KPIs for the CIO that Chris Curran, principal at analyst firm PWC created again after 2010.

Superordinate are issues such as innovation, speed and quality that dominate the life of a CIO. The continuing need to increase efficiency and reduce cost in IT makes this a challenging task for the CIO when buffer times already had to suffer cuts. It is already possible to retain an eye on the majority of KPIs by using pioneering technologies and to provide innovations by leveraging existing leeway. The focus areas Cloud and Analytics address this need the best.

The end user IT analytics solution Nexthink - by the Swiss manufacturer of the same name - makes it thus possible to provide metrics in a simple way. Among other things, a decision maker has a comprehensive overview of the Roll-out status of a platform, quality and availability of IT services, performance of the workstations, the most important security KPIs, and reliable numbers about end-users affected by an incident. An additional benchmarking tool merges the KPIs of many companies and allows a comparison of own performance compared to the industry average. The Service Desk benefits by extensive analysis capabilities that allow an increase in first call resolution, and thus contribute to the reduction of ticket maturities. Companies with a high proportion of outsourcing can control the performance of the providers and quickly determine the responsibility in case of failure.

If the company additionally utilizes modern, flexible and agile Cloud technologies, then annoying administrative tasks can be avoided and more free space created. This will enable the CIO and the departments to assume the new and important role of “Partner of the Business” and thus to make a valuable contribution to the business objectives.

This dashboard fulfills the function to have all the key information at a glance, just like the dashboard of NEXThink.

Picture: David Saddler - Paradise by the Dashboard Lights on Flickr (here). Use under the conditions of the Creative Commons (BY).

Source: Chris Curran - Top 10 Metrics for a New CIO. Post from 28. October 2015 at CIO Dashboard (here).


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