Slack et al. - Learning from the Digitals

Apr 14, 2016
Slack et al. - Learning from the Digitals

Translation of the Original Article by Matthias Geisler 14.04.2016

Digitization everywhere, in all things and on everyone's lips and - in any case, it seems like it. Because, already recognized: we that we should (need to?) to earn our living with digital craft skills help to convey the fundamental relationships of "the Digital in all things" to a broader section of our society and especially the youth, i.e. "learn about the Digital ".

As an avowed #GeekDaddy this subject drives me of course - nevertheless, here and now I would like to not write about it, but pick out a different aspect of digitization that I find very remarkable:

The guerrilla-like diffusion of tools "of the digital" in the Enterprise. So to speak, "learn FROM the digital".

To remain authentic, I must also set the context somewhat tighter; where I refer "the digital" primarily as "software Craftswo/-men", i.e. software developers / engineers, software architects and designers here.

Accordingly then I also mean tools (methods would be another aspect, which has already been discussed sufficiently on the example of “Business Agilty”), often distributed in (global) teams for software development and / or others involved in the production “of digital” professions, that have become “en vogue” especially in 2015.

And, so that I do not bloat the just so nicely narrowed down context, I would like to single out the triumphant advance of Slack as Collaboration tool of choice in the global (open source) andf agile Enterprise Software Community – while certainly exemplary for many others (HipChat et al.)

So, what EXACTLY are now the ingredients to make the difference? As so often, really nothing spectacular, many little things ... but those highly (optimally) mixed and arranged.

I will dare the attempt and highlight some features that contribute to the success, for me – personally -, and also in contrast to the established Enterprise Social Collaboration platforms:

  1. “True Ubiquity” — real functioning ubiquity …which also inspires, because of enabling easy switching (“Context-Switching”) between for example Desktop —> Mobile (App) —> Desktop….
  2. “Painless Office Integrations” (Apps) — painless sharing and collaboration to any (Office) documents on popular cloud platforms … or not … with a document preview that works … and Emoticons(!!) of course.

3.     “Seamless Process Integrations” (Custom Integrations) — Bots, Web-Hooks, Bots — have I mentioned Bots already?… THE modern way to create “Mashups”… but completely technology-agnostic… inviting to “Simply do” — perhaps because deliberately limited (Text, Links, Attachments, Icon) …and somehow personal :-).

4.     “Simplified Entitlement” — the options for authorization control, WHO sees WHAT definitely fit on a coaster. No, you cannot do EVERYTHING with it… but who needs EVERYTHING?

At this point I could get lost in mentioning of individual features… and I have already written more, than I intended to.

So, enough for today… I will follow up in a few day with details and examples to the above mentioned points… and a Resume, my Resume

So long... <3.