Slack et al. - Learning from the Digital (2)

Apr 21, 2016
Slack et al. - Learning from the Digital (2)

"True Ubiquity" real functioning ubiquity

Translation of the Original Article by Matthias Geisler 


Oh man, Friday it – almost – happened:

… I ALMOST fell prey to the #chatbotfatigue, after I got to read on almost all channels only messages tagged with either #chatOps ... or "written" by #chatBots or by people on "Slack vs. xyz".

So, I sat down to write the promised follow-up post on “True Ubiquity” on the phenomenon (?) Slack.

It applies here – rare enough – that a marketing message, announced on a product website can be believed, because it is true: Slack really works everywhere – the same way.

Slack Everywhere.

… and thus we have already mentioned the essence: the User Experience/UX of Slack is coherently the same(!), across all media/formats. Website, Desktop application and Mobile App (where I can only vouch for the iOS App).

Right off the bat: In my eyes Slack is definitely a pioneer for the future of Enterprise application design; “UX to the final level”.

One more thing I have to get rid of right away: BUT OF COURSE, especially such appealingly implemented ubiquity as exemplified by Slack DEFINITALY demands the mature and self-critical reflexive handling with media usage (keyword: “Work-Life-Balance”). Because, of course, additional Notifications will be received on the mobile device. My solution: “offline is the new online” (as previously with email).

Generally I think that it is the consequently realized implementation of the following 3 aspects, which makes up the “Ubiquity” I feel as functional:

  • the (modern?) interpretation of the in essence (-> Chat History) asynchronously designed, text-based (it is basically very old; we ALL know it from email and chat/messaging and in all its facets) in combination
  • the always optional(!) synchronous communication (-› "Realtime Communication"), organizes in only two formats: Channel or in direct contact (Direct Message), with the optional possibility of using @-Mentions
  • and the wisely selected for relevance features, (not EVERYTHING that would be possible; e.g. no message threading - Google Wave, do you still remember??)

Before I get  asked - without being asked, my top 3 Slack App Features:

1.    Registration and Switching (Context-Switching) between several Slack Teams (=Accounts). In the Desktop App simply with a key combination, on Mobile (iOS) "3-Finger-Swipe Move"

2.    Actually, the good operability with the keyboard (primarily on the Desktop App), e.g. the "Quick Switcher" et al for selecting of Channel or in direct contact (Direct Message or @-Mention).

3.    And then, clearly -› "Reactions", i.e. commenting on contributions not just with words, but with emoticons. Very convenient on mobile, since it’s quick, e.g. as read confirmation.

Next time I’ll continue with Office Integration.

So long… <3