Salesforce welcomes brand pilgrims in Munich: Change Management is key for Digital Transformation!

By Johannes Ceh Sep 7, 2015
Salesforce welcomes brand pilgrims in Munich: Change Management is key for Digital Transformation!

At Germany’s hot summer of 2015 Salesforce was welcoming around 7000 partners, clients, prospects and fans to the Salesforce World Tour Munich. To raise the bar right from the beginning, the event started with a performance of the Austrian Rock Star Christina Stürmer, currently leading the german music charts.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff continued with a welcome speech challenging it’s competitors: „In 2020 we plan to be germany’s largest software company based on revenue.“ With a revenue of 2,6 Billions SAP is currently leading the german market, while Salesforce with 1 Billion revenue in Europe in 2014 constantly keeps on growing 30% per year. With Germany being the strongest market for Salesforce, Marc Benioff stated he plans to invest 1 Billion Dollar in the german market in next five years.

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After Benioff was opening the stage with pure self-esteem, the race was on for the Salesforce brand partners to proudly present their custom tailored solutions. No matter if their name is CocaCola, Vodafone, Adidas Group, T-Systems or BMW Group – the list of presenters was impressive, a presentation at Salesforce Worldtour seemed to be a ‚must-have’ for big brands. Starting with Coca-Cola, who not only presented a customer personalized In-Store Activation based on GPS Data and customers history, but continued with their impressive business transformation case: Based on the Service Cloud and Salesforce1 platform Coca-Cola developed an app which enables their 400 Service Technicians to service the 250.000 coolers and taps within the german market.

Michael Müller-Berg, Senior Vice President at T-Systems highlighted in his presentation that there is still quite some way to go for company’s to use the full potential of Big data: „Only one out of five company’s is currently using their CRM data as a base for intelligent Online Targetting campaigns’’ A number that stands in contrast to potentials like „82% customers are switching brands as they felt not appreciated by customer service. While more than 60% customers would appreciate an ROI that is brought to them by intelligent Data usage.“

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A ball that was picked up right away by Joachim Schreiner, SVP of Salesforce EMEA Central, who proudly showcased the potential of Salesforce for Call Centers at an Adidas Showcase: „Agents get a multi-channel cockpit for each customer including all social channels and pro-active individualized cross-sales suggestions.“

As a highlight of the day the Beck et al Team was invited to join a Digital Change Management Expert Funnel: A round table to share best practices, challanges and opinions together with Digital Change Management Pioneers from companies like Autodesk, DELL and DHL.

Interestingly Salesforce SVP Schreiner also highlighted the importance of humans at digital transformation in his closing note: „No change can last without being in touch with your organisation. Digital Change Managment is key factor for sustainable success.“

While Coca-Cola Germany’s CIO Marcus Franke wrapped it up:

„The most dangerous place to make decisions is your office and your laptop. Talk to each other. Understand each other!“