By Siegfried Lautenbacher Oct 24, 2014

Translation of the Original Article by Siegfried Lautenbacher

There was a great cattle drive at the Allianz Arena yesterday. On the occasion of the joyful announcement of a new AWS Region - exactly! Frankfurt! - the entire leadership team from the USA was in Munich. Throughout the Partner Day, there was an abundance of News and Insights that left you looking forward to the new projects. In the evening, I had the honor to participate in a pretty exclusive Executive Dinner.

Here AWS chief Andy Jassy spoke on three points that are very important to me for the partnership and explain why we feel very comfortable with AWS as a partner:

  1. Customer focus“– the wishes and requirements of the customers are at the center of action. Other companies are focused technology or product: at AWS, it is the customer focus.
    This also applies to us. Thinking and acting for the customer is definitely in the DNA of Beck et al. Services. Andy Jassy 


  1. Pioneers – we like to invent“– Especially in the disruptive cloud environment, it is the experience of AWS, which makes the difference to others. Not to acquire, but to innovate themselves is the important success factor.
    This also speaks to us. Years ago we completely dynamized our own infrastructure and transferred it to the AWS Cloud and SaaS offerings. This is how we know the possibilities from our own experiences. And curiosity and desire for smart solutions -  this is also deeply rooted in Beck et al.
  2. Long term oriented“ instead of short-term quarterly orientation. A look at Amazon’s numbers also fit the day. Short-term success is not what counts. It is the long-term endurance and relation to the customer.
    Well, as an entrepreneur-run company it is easy for Beck et al.: quarterly thinking does not exist. In the end, only optimal Service to the customer delivers success. To this extent, this statement fits well with us.

Obviously, not everything is perfect. Open issues remain about the German Region. And, the response to questions by German partners for legal certainty, compliance et al. were perhaps sometimes answered too American. But with a growing team with - in my opinion - good people here in Germany this will also harmonize better.

Later that evening I drove home, lively and full of good ideas. It didn’t matter at all that a Chelsea supporter with a big grin on his face sat across from me who hypocritically asked if I was there at the finals. I just invited him for the Champions League Season. Eventually, the two clubs will meet up. Then we’ll see!