By Siegfried Lautenbacher Sep 24, 2014

Translation of the Original Article by Siegfried Lautenbacher

„I just don’t think we’re really communicating with each other in a way that fully uses the power of our voices mixed with technology. My dream is to change that.“

Wow, that’s what I call an „Elevator statement“!

And indeed, after a few minutes of trying out the iOS App Talko it becomes clear what Notes inventor Ray Ozzie intends.

Talko is more or less a VoIP application that allows its users to reach each other - no matter which medium (WLAN or 3G) and whether real-time (all online) or asynchronously - that is, one or more participants are currently offline.

This reminds me of the push to talk idea, do you remember? The Nokia phone as a walkie-talkie? Talko translates this principle into the era of smartphones and public cloud services. If the desired participant is online, they talk live and in real time (full duplex), if the individual participants are busy, they ignore real-time and easily listen to voice message later (half duplex). It was clear that “Mr. Notes” thinks about Offline Usability!


This lets users reach individuals or groups / teams directly with voice, video (future), images or text. So, for example, I could set up a "family channel", and have a real conversation with my family - or I set up groups for my work team. Communicate quickly, expressing the "Between-the-lines" where Emoticons are no longer sufficient, and the coffee bar is too far away to quickly pass on successes.

The conversations are stored and remain available for later playback - I can "mark" individual important components via hashtags and thus jump to the important information and listen to it again and again (I do know ... Data Protection, Privacy, NSA, Bundeskriminalamt et al .: not our topic today!).

Of course, Talko is not the only one; others are also exploring this area. It is also clear that Talko is some sort of a NeteffectWare – the benefits will present itself only if possibly all will use the service – therefore it is extremely important to follow up the iOS version with an Android and Web App version.

We find the approach very exciting and are vigorously experimenting with it. One can look forward to the business model. From what we hear, premium services are planned.

One final thought: According to Verve, Apple considers Voice Messaging as the next wave of digital communication. Apple Watch and Talko - Wearables may be fun after all, or at least the Renaissance of Push-To-Talk?