More than just a hype. Social Business Collaboration is taking off!

Oct 25, 2012

Translation of the Original Article by Siegfried Lautenbacher 25.10.2012

In recent weeks, there are more and more events on Social Business Collaboration. Excellently manned was the panel at the expert discussion that the two IT journalists Wolfgang and Christoph Witte Miedl had organized at the end of October. We were there! Although the three top dogs of Social Business Collaboration – IBM, Microsoft and Novell – came together, it was surprising that the talks were still centered on the topics. This was certainly due to the good communication skills of the two organizers. The nearly two-hour discussion had four core issues: Initially it was about "Platform, Integration & Change", then about the "Digital Workplace, Workflow & Workspace", finally about the "Social Readiness" of the companies and about the issue, how all generations of employees can handle Social Business Collaboration platforms. Here is a short video summary of the conversation, which brings it to the point very well!