Lift up your business - Start Now! – Impressions from the AWS Summit Berlin

May 22, 2014
Lift up your business - Start Now! – Impressions from the AWS Summit Berlin

Translation of the Original Article by Siegfried Lautenbacher


"Lift up your business - Start Now!" That was the motto of the AWS Summit Berlin 2014...(#AWSSummit) Which took place on 15th May 2014 in Berlin. At this event the German AWS community - in fact the audience was more pan-European, and therefore the conference language was English - had the opportunity to learn in more than 20 sessions more about the news of the AWS cloud as well as on their uses.

The free event for visitors attracted by the promise: "Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user – there is something for everyone."

We were also present. As interested participants as well as an Amazon Partner and sponsor on site - and not least in the final exclusive Roundtable "on Stage". But, one thing after the other…

AWS Partner Educate Day

AWS Amazon Web Services had invited its partners to AWS Partner Educate day in the nhow Berlin Hotel for the day before the actual Summit. The day was designed as a training workshop specifically for AWS Partners, to create awareness, in the exposition of AWS technologies and solutions that address frequently requested customer needs. The focus was very much on customer-oriented topics. Besides examples for pricing of AWS services, the TCO Analysis based on specific scenarios, foremost lectures on issues like cost, safety, agility and innovation and business development and partnering were on the agenda. Things that were already relatively clear for us. Our conclusion for the Partner Day is therefore rather "mixed".

No question, the location was exclusive (location, ambience, "Music and Lifestyle“...) - but the premises for the lectures themselves was calculated too tightly for the number of participants.

Also in terms of content, we agree with the majority opinion of the final feedback session: for the next time split the afternoon sessions for example up into Sales/Business Track and a Technology Track.

As a very positive, rewarding and very enjoyable unconventional contrast, we have perceived the networking aspect - both to the AWS Partner Team as well as among those present AWS partners. That way existing contacts could be kept and new ones made.

AWS Summit Berlin

As a venue for the Summit, the AWS team had chosen the Postbahnhof. At first glance, a “cool location” externally – the simple, dark red brick gothic façade impressed – as well as from the inside. We agree with Werner Vogels:

The Berlin #AWSSummit about to start in the very cool Postbahnhof — Werner Vogels (@Werner) May 15, 2014

Opening Keynote

The day was opened after a welcome address by the CEO of Amazon Web Services Germany GmbH, Mr. Martin Geier, by Dr. Werner Vogels with his opening keynote to a packed auditorium. @werner is the Franz Beckenbauer of the cloud. A shining light. Indeed, he stuck with Verve for his Opening Session. His core message: Cloud gives the customers the control over their IT back.

The AWS customer Kärcher AG presented an interesting example of the combination of Cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT): "Cleaning and the cloud"

Cool case! RT @AWS_Aktuell: The @KaercherGermany architecture - from machine to machine to stakeholders.#AWSSummit — beaservices (@beaservices1) May 15, 2014

We dare to doubt some whether another core message arrives unprejudiced and will be discussed - but certainly worth a second thought:

#awssummit @werner "#AWS is the place to be to protect your information from unauthorized access" — beaservices (@beaservices1) May 15, 2014


The breakout sessions were organized in the four tracks Learn, Build, Run, Accelerate - but according to the experience / knowledge and the "Cloud Readiness" of the participants. The agenda with the topics of the sessions and a description can be found here.

Just to mention this already: Yes, in our eyes the Summit justified the promise “to have something for everyone” in any case with the selection of topics – if, yes, if there was enough space in the lecture room; or if you could get a spot before Security announced “Sorry, the room is full!” Here, unfortunately, our experience from the previous day repeated for us Partners and many participants: did they expect more "no-shows"?

As I said, contently the unanimous feedback from our participants was that some interesting aspects one could be taken away from any of the sessions. Here it is definitely worthwhile to follow up on one or the other of the provided slides, which are  already available online for download...

We especially enjoyed:

·        Creating a mobile backend architecture - live! (Build)

·        Dynamic Content Acceleration (Build) at the example of The Berliner Philharmoniker's Digital Concert Hall

·        Infrastructure as code - Learn how to manage your app with AWS OpsWorks (Run)

·        Redshift / DynamoDB (Accelerate)

Unfortunately ... we have "only heard good things" (because space is too small for Audience) about the lecture Using Amazon Kinesis for Real-Time Analytics of Streaming Data (Accelerate).


During the final roundtable with Dr. Werner Vogels our CTO Silvio Kleesattel was also on the podium. Together with customers and other industry experts, they discussed the state of cloud-enabled business in Germany and Europe.

Dr. @Werner Vogels and guests are beginning their roundtable discussion. — AWS Germany (@AWS_Aktuell) May 15, 2014

Another interesting example of the combination of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) is Philips CityTouch. Cool solutions that show: cloud can be an enabler for more innovation.

And as mentioned as a tip: The slides of the presentations are already available online for download.