By Sebastian Thielke Jul 10, 2014

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The challenges for companies in markets, customers and - last but not least - towards their employees gain even more to momentum, than it already happened through technological innovation. One acceleration wave is the explosive growth of social networks. The claim of this networking, the benefits and open communication and innovation is increasingly transferred to the company.

It is no longer a question of IF; it is a question of WHEN. The change has already begun even in the companies and organizations that are currently still "only" watching. Employees, customers and partners are already on the path of the change. Shadow IT, public networks and services take root in the companies. Make these roots to the homegrown plants and make use of your tool belt for the ongoing transformation.

Where to start?

Always with the idea, the notion, a vision. Imagine your company in the future and answer the following questions:

·        How will my company look like in 10 years from now?

·        Where will my employees be in 10 years from now?

·        How will the company be seen in public and internally?

·        How will my market develop in 10 years?

·        Can I respond to the job market, my market and to the necessary innovations?


Answer these questions honestly and openly, and above all, you will notice that your employees and your knowledge will be the company's future. Your customers shape the future and your partners are part of this temporal network.

Take a look at where you stand!

Whether you are now HR manager, managers, employees or executives, you need to be clear, where the company stands.

·        Find out what the people and the company are capable of.

·        Find out how your company communicates and collaborates.

·        Find out if your company is ready for the change.

Make sure you understand where it will lead!

You should use the objectives and strategies of your company and apply these to the pending change.

Plan your future tools!

The demands on applications for the change to Enterprise 2.0 are not just functional.

·        Observe the user-friendliness

·        Keep it simple

·        But also provide a networked and linked application environment

·        Select according to strategic, economic and user-oriented point of view

 Enable and Excite the company!

Nothing seems more misplaced as a supplied tool with a user guide and the words: „You will manage". No matter, where and when you are in transition to Enterprise 2.0 or have decided for it, you need to pick up, inspire, empower ALL and convince them that everyone recognizes its benefits.

 Convince yourself and the company!

You need to clearly show yourself that this change brings about positive changes and benefits. You need to be able to measure and align your goals set, and if necessary adjust. Equip yourself with the appropriate tools based on strategy and objectives. Your company management will thank you for that.

The tool belt is in front of you.

What lays ahead of you with these five points is no schedule or a hierarchical sequence of instructions. It is your toolbox for the change to Enterprise 2.0. Your idea and vision are the blueprint. Take the ruler, measure, and then start. Transform your company. And it does not matter whether you are HR manager, manager, employee or executive; start and you will inspire and before you know it, even more of your colleagues are going to build with you. And if you need help, then we gladly come over with our tool belt and start with you in the transition to Enterprise 2.0.


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