End User Analytics thought even further with Nexthink V6

By Joachim Poisel By Jeffrey Backus Oct 30, 2015
End User Analytics thought even further with Nexthink V6

Translation of the Original Article by Joachim Poisel

Most businesses connect the term "End User Analytics" with the singular consideration of the Workplace, and the front-end. Facts about the use of the application and service by customers and end users bring a large added value especially to transformation projects, cloud implementation projects or to the development of new applications. But in real terms, this is only the tip of the iceberg - 90% of the really impressive information is hidden beneath the surface. With the new collector in NEXThink V6 a Technology was developed with the aim to maximize the benefit from the End User Analytics.

More than Monitoring

Server monitoring is nothing new. The new V6 Collector was developed so that it seamlessly works with any Windows server and desktop/laptop, and to change the IT perspective fundamentally. Furthermore, upon using Citrix, Microsoft RDS and VMware app streaming in conjunction, a clear picture of the end-to-end user experience with real front- and backend connectivity emerges with the complete information on all services. This allows significantly more agile operating teams that can act based on facts rather than vague conjectures, and so the service quality measurement increases noticeably for the user.

Bringing light into the dark

Shadow IT - the unwanted use of technology by staff - represents is a problem for many companies that you cannot measure and consequently cannot manage. The use of such applications and services in the workplace, or on mobile devices usually stays under the radar and thus beyond the control of the corporate IT. According to GCN the shadow IT can be met through the monitoring and the evaluation of the network through log files or unusual ports and protocols. This sounds good on paper, but it is not the reality. Companies are finding repeatedly that the sheer number of network access points and mobile access points represents an enormous challenge. NEXThink however allows to monitor all potentially dangerous Web - and cloud accesses by end users and to alert the IT in the event of cyber risks immediately, thereby preventing the further spread of shadow IT.

Manage and control Outsourcing providers

The real-time analysis is an effective way to measure both the effectiveness and the compliance of outsourcing.

Example: Users often delay to install a patch or update because they fear massive changes to an important application for them.

Through real-time end-to-end monitoring transparency arises about which devices have already been patched and which not. In addition, the SLA compliance can be measured and evaluated over time. This enables IT departments to not only demand penalties or credits for outages and downtime, but the company will also strengthen its own position in the renegotiation of contracts: hard facts show exactly the areas in which a service provider has complied with its part of the contract and the areas in which services have not been met.


The end-user perspective is invaluable, but only true end-to-end considerations and measurements provide the complete picture. See and achieve more with the new Nexthink V6 platform.


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