Beck et al. Services wishes a Merry Christmas

By Siegfried Lautenbacher Dec 23, 2015
Beck et al. Services wishes a Merry Christmas

Translation of the Original Article by Siegfried Lautenbacher 

No white Christmas this year. We notice that as well in the Social. Picture: Pfatter - "White Christmas guaranteed" on Flickr (here). Use under the terms of the Creative Commons (BY - attribution).


The holiday season is a time to reflect, relax and enjoy. A silent time and time for contemplation. How does that look in the German Social Web? Our subsidiary Valuescope listened around to hear what moves the German Internet community during Christmas 2015.

Considering the current Weather conditions, we cannot really detect any contemplative mood, cozy snuggling. Bright sunshine and two-digit temperatures rather arouse Spring Feelings. Therefore, it is not surprising that on Twitter the Easter Bunny is mentioned more than Santa Claus and that the mood is much more for Easter Egg Hunts than for drinking Mulled Wine. In fact, the hashtags #sun and #warm are more frequently used as #winter or #snow – and that in December.

Christmas is primarily Family time. Spending time with loved ones, with good food, good mood and good conversations. A time to summarize the past year and to collect strength for the coming one. The German Social Web finds this as well, which explains the large number of Posts and Tweets about #homecoming and #anticpation.

Beck et al. Services GmbH wishes you a merry and peaceful Christmas and good luck, health and success in the New Year!