Mar 13, 2015

Translation of the Original Article by Siegfried Lautenbacher


Next week CeBIT will start. For the second time the conference Social Business Area will be held. We are among the service partners of the conference. It is a good opportunity to learn about the state of social business projects in German-speaking countries and to maintain the exchange of ideas with customers, partners, platform suppliers and competitors. At this point a big thank you to the team at Media Conference that set the stage for all of us in #SocBiz for years!

Beck et al. is present diversely. Here you can read at a glance, who of us is to be active when and on what subjects. We look forward to speaking with you!

Monday, 16.03. - 1st day of the conference

Right at the start of the conference, at 10:50 o’clock I am on the podium at the Expert Panel: "Quo vadis: Enterprise 2.0 & Social Collaboration". Here, in an illustrious group, we will try to bridge the gap and to talk about the level of maturity of #socbiz in German-speaking countries.

Right after lunch at 13:50 o'clock there is a keynote discussion on “Framework for the future of work”. We are happy that the topic is being discussed so prominently and high profile. We present on the podium Alexander Klier, who has been dealing with the topic on our corporate blog has long very intensively.

From 15:30 o’clock, we will be ready in the Arena Lab for a "How-to workshop": Take the Social Readiness Check with us and take the results with you right away!

At 17:20 o'clock colleague Sebastian Thielke will be on the podium in the Expert Panel: "Success factors for internal Community Engagement & Management" and will put forward our perspective on the hot topic Community Management.

Tuesday, 17. 03. - 2nd day of the conference

At 10:40 o'clock I face the Fireside Chat: Social Readiness Check: What's this? For all those who did not have time for the workshop on Monday. (Incidentally, you can also take the Readiness Check online here. However, you need 20-30 minutes. Well, it is not Wishy-washy!)

At 15:20 o'clock we help our colleague Carwin Hermann from hoozin and are in the Expert Panel on "Determining the ROI of social collaboration". A hot topic, where we want to show which KPI provide a ROI, and where it becomes very customer specific.

Wednesday, 18.03. – 3rd day of the conference

We will be active once again at 12:30 clock. The Expert panel will be about "Differences in Collaboration Solutions". We will bring in our experience with different platforms and try to bring some transparency into the provider market.

In the afternoon, we take on an elevator pitch for hoozin, whom we support as implementation partner in the German-speaking countries. At 16:10 o'clock we have five minutes to talk about the Social Intranet & Collaboration approach of hoozin.

Our Topic

social machen (1)

We use our CeBIT appearance to introduce our new concept for High Performance Collaboration. It is under the heading: social [+] do. We will have our social scouts at the start that will help you to discover the right path for your business. You will find us over at the meeting point of the conference on all three days. Speak to us. Then you will also receive our travel notes for Social Doers!


We are looking forward to your feedback.

Will we see you at the CeBIT, Hall 4? You need a ticket at short notice: Simply register here!