Editing Customizer files made easy

By Martin Schmidt Dec 10, 2018
Editing Customizer files made easy

You want to use customizer in your on premise infrastructure but the file share is not accessible by you in an easy way? That's where a web based file manager can help.

You or your administrator can deploy one of my solutions which enables everyone with an appropriate account to manipulate files directly or via down- and up-load.


My first solution is builds on the software Filebrowser which covers most of the use cases. It is nice looking and quite light form the infrastructure perspective. Unfortunately it lacks the possibility to extract zip files on the server and I see no chance to integrate the authentication into IBM connections.

GitHub repository for Filebrowser: https://github.com/becketalservices/cnx_cp_filebrowser


My second solution is build on the software WebFileSys. This tool covers all of my use cases and much more. Unfortunately the developer do not provide a docker container and it requires little more resources on the server side. 

I could successfully implement an Authentication mechanism similar to the one the IBM Connections Component Pack Customizer uses. So when you authorize a user to work with Customizer, this user is also allowed to use the file manager. 

Please see the README.md file on the git repository on how to build and implement this solution.

GitHub repository for WebFileSys: https://github.com/becketalservices/cnx_cp_filebrowser/tree/webfilesys